Cumulonimbus (calvus, capillatus, incus) – thunderstorms


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Cumulonimbus calvus is a form of Cumulonimbus cloud with a sharp, rounded, billowing top, still rising. It develops from Cumulus congestus. Cumulonimbus clouds, by definition, contain ice crystals – they are present in cumulonimbus calvus, but still in relatively small quantities.

Cumulonimbus calvus develops further into Cumulonimbus capillatus and can develop into Cumulonimbus capillatus incus (anvil-top).


  • Cumulonimbus calvus produce lightning.
  • They also produce hail.
  • And severe straight line winds (downburst).
  • Will develop into Cumulonimbus capillatus.
  • Will develop into Cumulonimbus capillatus incus if the updraft is strong.

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