Updraft depending on the wind

  • 10 months ago
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  • Author: SW101

Little or no wind shear

A typical setting with convective clouds developing in an environment with virtually no wind at any altitude is within a summer anticyclone. Generally the weather is very stable during anticyclones, as an anticyclone gradually weakens and/or temperatures near the ground become very high, typical summer heat thunderstorms develop. As they grow through Cumulus congestus phase into Cumulonimbus, these updrafts stay vertical. Thunderstorms that form in this environment are essentially a single updraft or pulse that dissipates in 20-30 minutes. As they dissipate, new updrafts may sometimes form on their flanks.

Schematic of deep convective clouds in little or no vertical wind shear. The updraft rises vertically, with very little or no tilt.

Cumulonimbus capillatus incus in very little wind shear. Note the symmetric anvil. The updraft rising to the left is producing slightly tilted appearance, however, it is actually a new updraft, separate from the one that created the anvil.