Equilibrium level (‚anvil level‘)

  • 10 months ago
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  • Author: SW101


Thunderstorm over the northern Adriatic sea, displaying a much different morphology. The updraft went through cumulus congestus (there is a cumulus congestus on the right edge of the photo) into cumulonimbus calvus and hit the equilibrium level (EL) significantly below the tropopause, probably around 7-8 km altitude. The updraft developed a very weakly defined anvil, fibrous in apperance – cumulonimbus capillatus. Virga is visible in the downdraft around the fragmentary rainbow. Note the rainbow terminating at a high altitude, indicative of evaporation of precipiation (i.e. precipitation completely evaporates – virga).

There is a waterspout underneath the main updraft – can you spot it?