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Severe Weather 101 is an upcoming set of tutorials on severe thunderstorms by Severe Weather Europe. They will deal with how and why thunderstorms form, underlying mechanisms and storm initiation. We will be taking a detailed look at various environmental factors and parameters that influence thunderstorm type, morphology, longevity and severity. We will be learning visual storm structure identification, typical visually identifiable features, recognition of general thunderstorm morphology and distinguishing between storm types and subtypes. The tutorial will cover various aspects of convective severe weather phenomena, including severity thresholds and types of severe weather events.

Severe Weather 101 will be composed of the following sections:

1. Introduction to convective weather
Status: 20% online
Latest: added Section 1.2. through [May 20, 2018]

2. Severe thunderstorms
Release date: TBD, summer 2018

3. Supercells
Release date: TBD, summer 2018

4. Lightning
Release date: TBD, summer 2018

5. Storm spotting guide
Release date: TBD

6. Forecasting
Release date: TBD