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LearnWeather is an educational set of tutorials on various weather phenomena published by Severe Weather Europe. Tutorials will cover all kinds of weather, from winter to summer, and from the basic to intermediate and advanced levels throughout the learning process.

The Severe Thunderstorms section, for example, will deal with how and why thunderstorms form, underlying mechanisms, and storm initiation. We will be taking a detailed look at various environmental factors and parameters that influence thunderstorm type, morphology, longevity, and severity.

The learning process will include visual storm structure identification, typical visually identifiable features, recognition of general thunderstorm morphology, and distinguishing between storm types and subtypes.

The tutorials cover various aspects of convective and non-convective weather phenomena, including severity thresholds and types of severe weather events. LearnWeather is composed of the following sections:

1 – Basic Weather
Introduction to Weather basics
2 – Global Weather
Theory about global weather. Learn what shapes the global weather, from the high levels of the atmosphere to the ocean depths.

3 – Severe Weather
4 – Storm spotting guide
5 – Weather Forecasting
6 – Winter weather
7 – Tropical Cyclones
Tropical weather theory. Learn what causes hurricanes or typhoons, how dangerous they are, and why they are one of the most destructive formations on Earth.
8 – Stratosphere
9 – Cryosphere
Everything about water in its frozen state.
10 – Weather Instruments
Everything about weather instruments and stations: How do we measure weather?